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ISOVerter (Plus) » Overview

  • ISOVerter is a universal software for preparing and converting data for the international exchange format ISO 13499 / ISO MME
  • Powerful and practice-orientated functions make ISOVerter to an essential tool for efficient execution of routine tasks
  • Software for automatic and standardised creation and monitoring of measure data format ISO/TR 13499 (EGV) und/oder ISO/TS 13499 (ISO MME).
  • Secure and quick data preparation for data exchange using templates with user defined checks and macros.
  • Check of signs and plausibility of signals and generation of graph overview reports
  • Preparation of signals (time base, offset, CFC filtering, inversion )
  • Creation of data channels (Resultant, total Moments, 2D/3D-IR-TRACC-Conversion)