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QIS Policy

With products and services, IAT supports customers from the automotive industry in the development of safe vehicles. Traditional values ​​such as reliability, fairness and responsibility are the reasons for the success of the IAT. In order to maintain and strengthen success in the future, the management defines this guideline. It includes our idea of ​​quality management and information protection management – hence QIS. The focus of this guideline is the success of our customers and our employees.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. They determine the success and continued existence of IAT. We want to recognize the future tasks of our customers at an early stage and reliably fulfill their wishes.

Employee satisfaction

The qualification, information, motivation and health of our employees is a fundamental requirement for our company’s success. It is therefore our concern to treat our employees fairly, to let them participate in all relevant decisions and to further develop their knowledge and skills. We encourage our employees to maintain an open and tolerant climate in the IAT, to show initiative and responsibility and to support one another. We support all efforts to improve the health of our employees.


Our ideas and our knowledge create new products and services. They secure our future and enable us to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. We see market changes as an opportunity for more growth, to put our profits and skills at the service of developing and delivering innovative products, services and solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Our goal is to generate enough profit to fund the continued growth of our business and to provide the resources we need to achieve our QIS goals and other missions.

Continuous Improvement

We see it as a task and a challenge to question the status quo and to develop forward-looking solutions to our tasks through continuous improvement. Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products and services we offer.

Zero Defect Philosophy

For us, problems and identified errors are opportunities for innovation and improvement. Every employee has the obligation and the right to contribute to error detection and error elimination and to reduce environmental impacts. Error prevention has priority over error detection.

Availability, integrity, confidentiality of all information

We work with confidential information. We must therefore ensure that this information is treated confidentially, always has integrity and is available when needed.

The management undertakes to meet the requirements and to continuously improve the QIS.

The management assumes overall responsibility for the effectiveness of the QIS and provides resources for fulfilment of QIS goals.

Every employee is responsible for the implementation of this guideline in his or her area of ​​responsibility. The QIS guideline and the QIS goals are publicly accessible for interested parties and are communicated by the persons and organizations commissioned by IAT.

Berlin, 26th of January 2023